June 8, 2019

Five Unique Christmas Traditions Around the World

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Jolabokaflod or “Christmas Book Flood”- Iceland

The power of the written word is so vital to the citizens of Nordic Island. Different publishing companies hold an exceptional yearly tradition called book drive that takes place every Christmas Day. The “Christmas Book Flood” is one of a kind in how families recognise Christmas as a holiday. Releasing of the newest books are between September to December. When early November arrives, the Iceland Publishers Association puts out the Bokatidindi, a catalogue of new publications distributed to almost every household for free. This is an opportune time for family members to give books as gifts for those family members who wish for it.


Advent Calendars- Germany

A major part of Germany’s Holiday celebrations is Advent, which lasts roughly Sundays before Christmas to December 24. Decorative calendars and wreaths are used to count the days until Christmas. Since the date of the First Sunday of Advent differs, most popular calendars today begin on December 1 and are made of paperboard with twenty-four small pockets containing chocolates. Some of the more complex calendars have twenty-four hanging parcels that can contain a little gift for children. This activity takes a few moments a day and is a fun family activity.


Colonel Santa: Japan

It all started in 1974 when the American restaurant giant KFC released a joyful campaign in Japan. This simple slogan Kentucky for Christmas, gave birth to a national tradition. Families will head to their local KFC for a special Christmas Eve meal and is still being done today. Nothing beats a simple cozy fried chicken night.


Christmas Caravan- Australia

It could be unfamiliar to other countries that Christmas in Australia is in summer. Yes, you read it right, instead of snow and hot chocolates, Australians head for the beach, surf and picnic for the Holidays.  Assuies also enjoy the road, many of them take the whole family on trips. Some love to go camping for a few days and others a trip to places to swim. One activity that stands out during Christmas is a road trip with their families to popular destinations and spend their Holiday there. Most of these places are crowded with other families, especially those where you can freely park, but that’s the essence of a Christmas caravan, enjoying the trip with others. An easy to prepare feast, list of activities, and a party spirit and you’re good to go.



Monito monita- Philippines

This is a well-known tradition in the Philippines wherein a group (students, co-workers, family members) will exchange gifts for days sometimes weeks. It is quite similar to Kris Kringle and a modification of the Secret Santa. The mechanics of the game is something like this: each of the participating individuals will write their names on papers. After mixing it all up, each one will take turns in picking their monito (if its a male) or monita (if it’s female). You cannot reveal the names for the whole gift-giving period, for example, seven days. Each day a theme will be declared and you have to purchase a gift with that in mind. Some popular theme includes something sweet: gifts can be like candies, chocolates; something round: balls, oranges; or something long: pen, candy cane, ruler and the list goes on. At the end of the Monito monita, you can give your gift directly to the person receiving it, this day usually falls to Christmas parties.

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June 3, 2019

Christmas Caravan 101

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Christmas is still one of the biggest celebrations in the world. Whether you are a Christian or not anyone is welcome to celebrate during the holidays. Most countries have their way of enjoying this season, but family, good food and merrymaking will never be left out on everybody’s list. Australia is one country or continent (maybe both) that knows how to celebrate Christmas to the fullest. They have two Christmases one in December and one in July (known as Yulefest). If you enjoy the road, visiting new places and adventuring on places you have never been before, then this article is just right for you.

Aussies love to travel. Sometimes a little too often, but what the heck a day or two on the road will help your body invigorate. Around 500,000 caravaners are registered in the whole country and this number is increasing every year. If you’re planning on one yourself here are some tips for you.


Essential tips for Christmas Camping:


  1. Plan Ahead

This is a no brainer to anyone who wants to go on a trip. Most especially during the Christmas season where travelling and vacation are at peak. Plan together with your family, get everyone’s side to where they want to go and what places they would like to see. What food do you want to bring, clothes to wear, bathing locations, and how many days will you travel? For a successful trip, you need careful weeks of planning.


  1. A Checklist on Everything

By everything, we mean everything from the biggest to the smallest things you will be needing. Things like ropes and hammers for your tent. Portable cooking stove or grill for cooking. Coffee pot, knives and cups for eating. Toiletries, medicine and sunblock for when you go to those beaches in your dreams. It wouldn’t hurt to bring your car for a comprehensive check at the shop. If you have kids, gadget chargers, extra batteries, board games and balls for fun activities. A checklist should help you to pack the necessities without fail.


  1. Get a Reservation as Early as Possible

When you think of itineraries to do for a Christmas caravan, it is advisable to book ahead of time. Not every place you’ll be visiting will be free and not to mention open and not fully accommodated. So, to avoid extra payment, make reservations for you and the gang.



  1. Beat the Crowd

If you plan to go to a popular attraction, it is crucial to be there earlier. Leave your house six to twelve hours earlier if you want the best locations. You also need to set up your tent and cook some of your food before the celebration so it is smart to be on the spot early on. In this way, you won’t find yourself stuck in traffic and if there are things you still need to purchase like firecrackers or extra candies you can buy anytime.


  1. Be Sociable

In case you are going to a large campsite, be friendly to people. You can have a blast with them and make memories that will last a lifetime. Some of the people you could meet can be your travel buddies for your next Christmas caravan.

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